Thursday, 7 July 2016

The Silverbeet Challenge

The Silverbeet Challenge is Happening at school through Term 2 and 3.

The idea is to grow silverbeet in class gardens, pots, in the wild and then to create something delicious from it.

There are so many delicious recipes to make using silverbeet that celebrate all the different cultures at school. Fritters, lasagna, dolmas, soup, quiche........

GROWING             HARVESTING              COOKING                EATING        we love it!

Lucky Mrs Moyle and Ms Linda will be trying all the yummy things we make.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Green Day T1 2016

TGreen Day on Wednesday saw a sea of Green students at Henderson Valley, so many funny, funky, fabulous Green people that Mrs Moyle found it difficult to choose students for spot prizes. The focus was on Respecting our ID Trail and there was lots of action weeding and mulching the trail as well as putting in Mr Te Tai's paving stones. Classes are taking responsibility for looking after the native tree that their paving stone shows. Classes were gathering and planting seeds from the trees in the ID Trail, looking after their vegetable gardens, planting herb and flower hanging baskets, creating posters with the Respect Our ID Trail message.

 Looking green!

Mulching the trail

Planting seed gathered from our IDTrail.

Miss Gaunlett and arm 15 preparing hanging baskets

Rm 5 and 6 amazing garden taking shape.

Working in the orchard.

Posters to Respect our ID Trail.

Looking green, working green.

Thursday, 25 February 2016

2016 starts with a Bang. Or at least a baaaa, a chook chook and the happy buzz of busy students.

We have many groups of students taking responsibility for different enviro areas and loving their learning.

The Green Team is up and running rediscovering what we do as an enviro school and planning actions.

The Junior Greens are a loose group of students from Years 1-3 who meet once a week at lunchtimes. They love to get into weeding or planting around the school.

We also have an orchard group looking after our developing orchard. This month they have been delighted to try some of the first apples, grapes and even plums from our orchard.

We also have a goat group, a chicken group, lots of gardening groups and a bee inquiry group.

There is a School Gen group, a Travel Wise group and a Stream Team.

All this adds up to busy brains around Henderson Valley. Learning is a real buzz.  

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Green Day August 27

Another fabulous Green Day was held at Henderson Valley.

The focus was Kauri Dieback and Christine Rose, the kauri dieback coordinator for Auckland Council, presented to the 7 senior classes who then rotated through a variety of activities and presentations.

We were so lucky to also have Jamie Stavert and a couple of his fellow young scientists come in to share their knowledge and passion with students.

The Junior Teams also focussed on kauri dieback in their classrooms. They really enjoyed using the cleaning station set up at the ID Trail and they got the message....'Scrub, Spray and Stay on the track'

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Junior greens feed the worms

Because worms have tiny mouths, we are helping them by chopping their food up with a spade.
Our apple cores and food waste started out looking colourful, but after chopping them up they have gone brown and mushy like wet soil.

Thursday, 12 March 2015

Senior Green Team 2015

The green team are:

Ms Calder and Kylie.